SoftWave TRT Treatment

SoftWave is a patented therapeutic technology that delivers mechanotransductive acoustic pulses for long-lasting pain relief, angiogenic benefits and regenerative effect. The device used is called TRT OrthoGoldTM. It is highly effective in treating many pain syndromes and health conditions. This remarkable device accelerates healing.

The therapy is similar to that used to break up kidney stones. It is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes specific frequencies of acoustic waves to initiate improved blood flow to an injured area of the body. The additional blood flow results in profound changes at the cellular level.

First, the acoustic waves enter the injured tissue and trick the cells into releasing the inflammatory chemicals and proteins the body naturally produces. These chemicals decrease inflammation in the injured area, which relieves pain. This benefit occurs quickly, when the treatment is performed.

The second thing the sound waves do is attract stem cells from around the body to the injured area. The stem cells heal and regenerate the damaged tissue. The maximum treatment occurs anywhere from six to twelve weeks following therapy, even though the pain may disappear completely before that.

A typical course of TRT OrthoGoldTM SoftWave therapy is one treatment a week for three weeks, althought some injureis require additional treatments to obatin maximum benefit.

Orthogold unit

College and Professional Athletics Use the SoftWave Machine

Colleges who use SoftWave Therapy:

University of Pittsburg

Professional teams that own a SoftWave unit:


Dr. Richardson is often called in administer SoftWave Therapy to professional athletes, including the Braves. Many players across many NBA, MLB and NFL teams have also received SoftWave applications.