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Sanuwave Therapy: Pain Management and Injury Recovery Vero Beach. Natural pain relief. Chronic pain management vero beach.

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What if you could ease pain and accelerate injury healing without harsh medications or surgery? With Sanuwave Therapy, relief is closer than you think.
Sanuwave Therapy: Pain Management and Injury Recovery

Sanuwave Extracorporeal Shock Wave Technology (ESWT) 

Acute and Chronic Pain, Musculoskeletal Conditions, and Tissue Regeneration


"Orthopedic surgerons were saying I needed to get the injury repaired, but then I went to Dr. Richardson. He said, 'Maybe you won't need surgery.' He treated me with a new device, and the results were fantastic. Before Dr. Richardson's ESWT therapy, I couldn't ride and I couldn't stand the pain in my right knee. Now I'm back in the saddle. I’m back running, lifting weights, and playing polo again. When you’re down the way I was, you wonder if you’re ever going to be able to get back in that saddle, but I’m back, and it’s all because of what Dr. Richardson did for me… I believe the medical world has made more advances in the last five years than it ever has, and Dr. Richardson is one of those guys who stays on top of those advances. I’d recommend him to anyone.” - John Walsh

Cutting Edge Pain Management Treatment in Vero Beach, Florida

Sanuwave Therapy delivers non-invasive game-changing advantages for healing and recoveries of the human body:


  • Remarkably fast recoveries.

  • Profound and fast sustained relief of discomfort at treated areas is typical.

  • Sustained improvement of blood flow.

  • Top choice of many sports legends, active and retired.

  • Has helped thousands heal and recover in record time.

  • Validated to recruit and activate endogenous stem cells.

  • Non-traumatic to tissue and cells

  • Typically 3 applications is sufficient.

  • More tolerable to patients than other devices.

  • Response-Guided Treatment (RGT) directs application precisely to pain-originating areas. No need for imaging or trigger point references.

Sanuwave Therapy for Acute & Chronic Pain & Musculoskeletal Conditions. Pain Management Vero Beach. Sports Injury Vero Beach.
Unprecedented Recovery Times
  • SANUWAVE PACE technology is the most advanced and proven shock wave technology available. Outcomes speak for themselves.


  • Patients typically recover from painful and challenging musculoskeletal injuries and conditions at record speed, noninvasively and affordably! 


  • The choice of MLB, NBA, NFL & collegiate sports teams. ​


“Surgery should be a last resort for anyone. With today’s advanced technology and non-invasive procedures, there are a lot of modalities that work to reduce chronic pain and even regenerate tissue with few or no side effects... Even pain-blocking steroids like cortisone injections have side effects and can actually deteriorate the joints, so it just makes sense to explore non-invasive options.” - Dr. Richardson

Top Sports Med clinicians have been using the SANUWAVE for years on injured star athletes, observing unprecedented acceleration of recovery times. As clinical successes acrue, SANUWAVE Profile is becoming widely understood to have a profound advantage, often making the difference of who plays, and who stays in rehab. Discover firsthand, what this difference can mean for you. There is no substitute for experience, so contact us now to get started! 


“The shoulder pain was one of the worst problems I’ve dealt with. It was the result of chronic muscle strain, but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of it. I put up with that for months before I finally went to see Dr. Richardson… Dr. Richardson and his pain treatment techniques have been a lifesaver for me. I would not have been able to keep going the way I have were it not for them, and so I gladly recommend Dr. Richardson and ESWT therapy to anyone.” - Dr. Glen Fritz


The Science: There is a growing body of published peer-reviewed scientific literature validating mechanisms of action at molecular and cellular levels with wide-focus Low-intensity Electrohydraulic ESWT. SANUWAVE pioneered this technology using proprietary Swiss design, making it the most efficient of its class. The SANUWAVE Profile is transforming care to a new reference standard. The Sanuwave Profile is an FDA-Listed Class I Medical Device.

“When I first went to see Dr. Richardson about my back, I was in the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve torn the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in my knee and had knee surgery before, so I know what pain is. In this case, it was everything I could do just to get out of the house to go see the doctors. I could barely walk, but I did not want to undergo surgery and I didn’t want any injections or anything. That’s why I turned to Dr. Richardson, and he could not have been nicer.” After three or four appointments, her back pain went from intolerable to invisible. “…I told him, You can never retire because I need you to keep fixing me. His ESWT therapy is incredible, and I gladly recommend him and the therapy to anyone.” - Lisa S.

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