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USC Running Back Ronald Jones: Electroshock Wave Therapy “The Best”

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Ronald Jones: How's it going it's Ronald Jones here, USC running back soon to be NFL bound. And about a month ago at The Combine, I heard my hamstring pop while I was running the 40. And then immediately after I went to Georgia, Swanee, Georgia. At Georgia Sports Performance, I started working with Coach Earl Williams and Joe Seedman. And then they started doing treatment on my hamstring, and I got SoftWave therapy. And, yeah, this particular machine right here, and it does hurt, but the good news is, you see results fast, you know, they pinpoint areas, and it's actually it's pretty painful I'm not gonna lie to you, but the results, you know, are right there. I was able to start running sprints, and you know, I'm back to my 4:4, 4:3 self. So, it's been very beneficial. Like I said, there was also fast and it's been proven to work over time, you know, with all kinds of injuries and things like that. So I've definitely seen the benefits.

Interviewer: Thank you, Ron. So Ronald, tell us how the SoftWave therapy compared to other therapies that you've received.

Ronald Jones: Yeah, it definitely compares you know. This is the best, you know, I've had, you know, up to this point. I've had acupuncture, and a lot of other different methods that I didn't receive results, you know, that fast. You know, with this, you see results immediately. So like, as I get up, now, I just finished the treatment, I've had about three or four sessions since the incident at The Combine, and you see those results as soon as you hop off the bed. So it's quick, and it gets to it I think it actually makes it stronger, you know, in the long run.

Interviewer: And have you have you noticed that the effects are sustaining for you?

Ronald Jones: The effects are definitely sustaining, you know, as I look to, you know, get into this Pro Day coming up, you know, I feel a lot more confident, you know, my body's more in line, you know, thanks to Coach Joe again, and GSP. But, yeah, the SoftWave therapy, you know, it's really got me feeling good. You know, and I feel good all over, not just the hamstring. It's, it's my hips and my glutes, and everything is just firing, you know, like it should be.

Interviewer: So when you when you started, you had pretty intense debilitating pain.

Ronald Jones: It was it was hard. I couldn't balance I couldn't put much weight on my leg. And I was scared to do things like jump, you know, but here I am, you know, three, four weeks later I’ll probably be ready to go. I appreciate it.

Interviewer: That's great. I wish you the best moving forward, Superstar!

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