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Brandon "Bulletproof" Glanton: Electroshock Wave Therapy "Recommend It to Any Athlete"

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Brandon Glanton: How you doing? I'm Brandon "bulletproof" Glanton as you know I'm 3 and 0, 3 knockouts. I just received my first SoftWare treatment: it's no bullcrap. It's not like anything I've ever had before. It's different before I started, I could barely move my shoulder here. Now I'm all over the place. Also did my knee I can squat I can bend any any motion I make. It doesn't it doesn't hurt. I'm completely comfortable. Everything feels good. I'll be honest with you. It kind of sucks a little bit to go through it. But as you go along, it gets better and better. I gotta say it's not like Ibuprophen, It's not like cryo, it's not like sitting eight minutes in an ice bed. It's a wonderful treatment. Actually changed my mind about getting cortisone shots, you know, it's a great, great thing. Definitely recommend it to any athlete, especially any fighters. Baseball players, golfers, anybody who's got a lot of stress on any joints. Definitely football players. It's a wonderful treatment and I look forward to developing a relationship with that.

Interviewer: Okay, Brandon, So show me at what point where does where does it get the shoulder so it's starting to get tight there and it hurts. And as you, what's the highest you can raise it?

Brandon Glanton: I can raise all the way up, it just hurts and the pain stops here. solely it goes when the pain comes on, pain is gone, so it's in that zone.

Interviewer: Gotcha. All right. Now show me your range of motion now. Where

Brandon Glanton: I can see this is the one oh my god that used to slow because it..Wow

Interviewer: Better?

Brandon Glanton: Much better. less bad feeling a little bit you know was there doesn't hurt. That's it.

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